*To be a candidate for the Best Workplaces™ Hellas 2023 awards you must have submitted the Culture Audit© report by December 8th 2022 and be certified within 2022.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be distinguished among the best companies in our country!

Instantly certify your company, submit the Culture Audit© report and apply for the Best Workplaces™ Hellas 2023

Our experience with the companies featured in the Best Workplaces™ list shows that:

  1. They receive  44%  more job applications than other companies in their industry and with better resumes
  2. They present a much lower turnover.
  3. They have fewer absences (Absenteeism)  of employees for health issues  (reduced stress) .
  4. They develop greater innovation and creativity. Employees take more risks.
  5. Employees support the company’s efforts to change and restructure.
  6. They have more engaged and cooperative employees.
  7. They present greater productivity and profitability
  8. And of course, they are awarded at the annual official festive event by institutional actors of our country, with great communication visibility.

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