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Panos Martinis

Panos Martinis

Executive Chairman

CEO of SoftOne Group

Michael Spanos

Michael Spanos

Managing Director

Global Sustain Group

Maria Pedoulaki

Maria Pedoulaki

Board Member, Executive

CFO of SoftOne Group

Yannis Salichos

Yannis Salichos

Board Member, Non-Executive

CTO of SoftOne Group

Dr. Sharon Jackson

Dr. Sharon Jackson

Board Member, Non-Executive 

Founder & Director of European Sustainability Academy

Aris Vrettos

Aris Vrettos

Board Member, Non-Executive

Director, Sustainable Business Strategy and Transformation, Croda

Georgia Kartsanis

Georgia Kartsanis

Board Member, Non-Executive 

Founder & CEO, SARGIA Partners
Founder & President of CEO Clubs Greece




CFA, Trillium US Board CEO & Portfolio Manager

Our Work

Project expertise from A to Z

Global Sustain Study: Unlocking the Data behind Top Asset Managers- EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) – Fund Review

Global Sustain carried out a study on Top Asset Management Companies’ SFDR Fund Classification (Article 6, Article 8, Article 9) and related ESG expertise and methodologies.

The aim of this study is to provide vital market data to assist asset managers in assessing, benchmarking, and aligning their investment product offering with SFDR classification requirements.

Whether you are looking for data on peers, clients, or prospects in the asset management industry, this study may help you stay abreast of investment opportunities paired with regulatory compliance.

For enquiries about the full study, please contact:

ESG Training and Capacity Building for Moody’s clients

We support Moody’s with ESG training, capacity building, and advisory services for their clients across the world.
Indicative projects include:

• Content development of the training programme “ESG and the Bottom Line” and delivery to the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).
• Content development of the training programme “TCFD Deep Dive” and delivery to 40|86 Advisors and CNO Financial Group.
• Content development for the e-Learning course on “ESG Risk Assessment” including topics such as ESG principles and procedures for assessing and managing ESG risks in lending and investment portfolios and integrating ESG in credit assessment and reporting.

EBRD’s E&S Risk Management e-Learning Programme for Financial Intermediaries

We developed and designed for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) the Environmental and Social Risk Management e-Learning Programme for EBRD’s partner Financial Intermediaries. The programme supports and guides financial institutions and private equity fund clients through the ESG screening, assessment and monitoring of loans and investments.
Key topics of the e-Learning programme include:

• Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainable finance developments and initiatives.
• EU developments, including the Taxonomy Regulation and SFDR.
• EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policies and Procedures, Risk Categorization, Performance Requirements and reporting guidelines.
• Sustainable finance product and service pillars, including risk management procedures for banking and insurance products like project financing, corporate and SME lending, trade finance, leasing, insurance, mortgage and equity investments.
• Situation-specific case studies and international best practices.

ESG Guide for SMEs

We developed an ESG Guide for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD).
The ESG Guide for SMEs entails a 5-step roadmap with operating procedures, toolkits, checklists, and helpful study material that SMEs may use to integrate ESG into strategy, governance, risk management, and reporting practices.
The ESG Guide for SMEs provides a customisable means for transferring ESG knowledge and know-how to SMEs of all sizes and levels of development and encouraging them to embark on their ESG journey.

ESG Framework for The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE)

We developed a comprehensive ESG Framework for The Sovereign Fund of Egypt (TSFE), in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD).
The ESG Framework is aligned with ESG principles, environmental and social performance requirements, and standards of international financial institutions. It encompasses key guidelines, recommendations, and an action plan for incorporating ESG in strategy, policies, governance structure, risk management, and reporting.
The ESG Framework will assist TSFE in integrating ESG considerations into its investment activities, building internal capacity, and introducing ESG risk management procedures to track portfolio risk exposure.
By adopting this Framework, TSFE ensures compliance with international ESG standards as well as access to financing opportunities by international financial institutions.

Environmental & Social Risk Management & Sustainable Finance Capacity Building for Private Equity Fund Managers

We established a new cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) regarding advisory, training and capacity building services on Environmental and Social Risk Management as well as Sustainable Finance.

ESG Finance & Responsible Investing

We support companies in attracting responsible investors’ interest based on ESG criteria (Environment, Society, Governance) and assist participation in responsible markets and sustainability indexes.


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