On April 8 and 9, the 1st Greek Circular Economy Forum in Greece was held by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the European Commission in cooperation with the Economic and Social Committee of Greece.

Mr. Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain Group, was the coordinator of the 2nd parallel session entitled “Getting the Economics Right for Effective Waste Management” as well as of the round table that followed with representatives from Municipal Waste Europe, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Catalan Waste Organization, European Expanded Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), Hellenic Recycling Agency, GIZ, Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, PASEPPE and Ecological Recycling Society.

Mr. Spanos quoted: “It was a really important forum following the publication of the Circular Economy National Strategy. We must, however, walk the talk, proceed with investments and support entrepreneurship; as circular economy based on European and international standards and practices is a catalyst for sustainable development. Circular economy requires a fundamental shift in our values, habits and attitudes to be adopted as a new economic and growth model.”