Global Sustain Group ( organizes for fourth consecutive year in collaboration with Forum for Responsible Investment (FNG – the leading Association for ESG & Sustainable Finance in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Lichtenstein) the 4th ESG Responsible Investments & Sustainable Finance Forum Series 2019 ( in Frankfurt on 21.5.2019 in cooperation with SEB Bank AB -Frankfurt Branch- (SEB AB Bank Conference Centre) and in Berlin on 1.10.2018 in cooperation with Investment Bank Berlin (IBB Conference Centre). The ESG Responsible Investments & Sustainable Finance Forum has been established as a unique international knowledge transfer, dialogue and network platform in the financial, investment and banking industry, connecting ESG Investments, Sustainable Finance & Banking with Sustainable Brands, bringing together senior speakers and attendees from above fields, offering sophisticated knowledge from senior experts, high level dialogue, and networking.


Among forum partners are SEB AB (Bank), Investment Bank Berlin, Trillium Asset Management, FNG, Absolute Research, CAPITALS Circle Group etc. Among forum speakers are seniors from above organisations as well as from European Investment Bank, MARS Europe, Social Value International etc.       


The ESG / SRI Market grows at a stable pace in the last years and it is becoming gradually from a niche to a market trend, since most main market players, even mainstream ones, offer already ESG products. The Forum is a high level business dialogue on the actual ESG / SRI Market Trends and ESG Investment Strategies, the most trendy sectors and thematic topics for ESG Investors, the proposed by EU Sustainable Finance Regulatory – Taxonomy Legal Framework, new Sustainable Finance Initiatives, the TCFD and other trends as well as evaluation of ESG Data, the integration of ESG Metrics not only in the Investors & Asset Management Firms’ Strategies but also in the Corporations’ Strategy.


Global Sustain Group is an international Consulting with 13+ years market presence (GRI Data Partner, PRI, TCFD Signatory) and expertise in ESG Strategies & Models, ESG Integration, ESG Funds/Data Screening & ESG Market Intelligence, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Compliance & Sustainability Strategy etc. Global Sustain is headquartered in London with companies in Berlin and in Athens, an office in Brussels and affiliates in New York and Nicosia. The company is also community driven with 400+ organizations and firms as members, among others from the financial, banking and investment industries.