We identify, prepare and implement sustainability initiatives.

What We Do


Through extensive market analysis we evaluate and assess best corporate practices related to corporate responsibility and sustainability issues. The produced comprehensive reports help companies to track their sustainability performance and gain competitive advantage.


  • Sustainability Reports Benchmarking in Greece
  • Cosmetics Benchmarking
  • Hotels Benchmarking
  • Engineering & Construction Benchmarking
  • Seafood Producers Benchmarking
  • Internal & External Sustainability Committee Benchmarking
  • Pharmaceuticals Benchmarking
  • Banking Benchmarking
  • Cars Industry Benchmarking
  • Health & Safety Services Benchmarking
  • Hospitality & Leisure Benchmarking
  • Universities Benchmarking
  • ESG/SRI & Impact Investments Market Report & Benchmark Analysis
  • Packaging Benchmarking
  • Real Estate & Marines Benchmarking
  • Food Sector Benchmarking
  • Airport & Airline Support Benchmarking
  • Furniture & Home Equipment Benchmarking
  • Cement & Builidings Material Benchmarking
  • Shipping Transportation Benchmarking
  • Paints Benchmarking Analysis
  • Electric Equipment Benchmarking
  • Telecommunications Benchmarking
  • Energy & Gas Industry Benchmarking
  • Non – Financial Reporting Benchmarking


Tailor made in-house training that fits your needs and respective sector.


  • AHC Group
  • Creditreform
  • Elsa-Silgan
  • Eurobank Asset Management
  • Genesis Pharma
  • GEP
  • Kyvernitis Travel
  • Masco Corporation
  • Merck and Co. Inc
  • Vassilico Cement

Environment, Society, Governance – ESG

We support companies in attracting responsible investors’ interest based on ESG criteria and assist their participation in responsible markets and sustainability indexes.


  • Eurobank Asset Management
  • Forum for Responsible Investments
  • International Bankers Forum
  • Investment Bank Berlin
  • Mytilineos

Social Return on Investment – SROI

We measure the social value of strategy and corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives, helping you make decisions about where to better invest resources.




We develop custom made and interactive e-programmes for every industry.


  • Alpha Bank
  • Goldair Handling