For the fourth consecutive year the Bodossaki Foundation organizes the 4th CSR Connecting Event, this time in collaboration with Global Sustain. This event aims to bring together representatives of companies active in the field of CSR and Sustainability, with NGOs performing important social work to create synergies and actions with a meaningful social footprint.

This year’s event is based on the findings of targeted research conducted by Global Sustain among its member companies.The purpose of the survey, the results of which will be presented at the event, is to capture the needs and immediate challenges of corporate executives regarding CSR and Sustainability actions, as well as their expectations  related to their collaboration with NGOs. The event offers the opportunity for effective networking between companies and NGOs selected by the Bodossaki Foundation, especially through the speed dating process. Keynote speaker of the event will be Manny Amadi, CEO of C & E Advisory, “responsible business guru” according to the Guardian and “corporate raider” according to The Third Sector magazine.

The event will be hosted at the brand new Athens Digital Lab, in Serafio, Athens, on Thursday July 5, 2018.