4 May 2022, London, UK

Market participants need the essential knowledge and tools to improve transition readiness towards a net-zero economy. In response, Global Sustain works with global market leaders to help financial institutions and companies understand and assess ESG risks as well as seize new opportunities.

Global Sustain developed in collaboration with Moody’s Analytics an e-Learning course on ESG Risk Assessment available now online to all interested stakeholders. “ESG Risk Assessment” encompasses three comprehensive modules, including case studies, scenario analysis, videos, quizzes, a final assessment, and a certificate of completion, covering 6-hours of engaging and user-friendly content.

Course Modules include:

  • • Module 1. The Principles of ESG
  • • Module 2. Assessing and Managing ESG Risk
  • • Module 3. Integrating ESG in Credit Assessment and Reporting

Participants are introduced to issues and concepts such as:

  • • ESG, responsible banking, and sustainable finance principles.
  • • Methodologies for assessing and managing ESG risk when performing a credit risk assessment.
  • • Integration of ESG factors into probability of default and loss given default models.
  • • Sustainable finance best practices of leading international financial institutions and how they incorporate ESG considerations into lending and investment decision-making process.
  • • Key ESG reporting frameworks and standards to help organizations incorporate ESG disclosures into their annual financial reporting.

This e-learning course is suitable for anyone seeking to understand the impact of ESG on lending and investment decisions, such as relationship managers, credit and ESG risk analysts, product specialists, risk managers, and other senior managers.

Mr. Michael Spanos, CEO of Global Sustain: “We are very pleased and honoured to share our expertise and know-how on ESG with leading organisations like Moody’s that have such an impact on the global economy. This ESG eLearning programme will assist Moody’s clients in ESG awareness and integration in credit risk management and procedures”.

Ms. Tara Kapitan, Senior Director Program Management at Moody’s Analytics: “As our clients are increasing their investment in ESG data and tools, we recognize that their people are at the heart of a successful integration of ESG into their enterprise risk management framework. That is why we collaborated with Global Sustain to provide a practical ESG course on how to identify, assess, and manage ESG risks and opportunities at both the client and portfolio level.

For more information about Moody’s Analytics ESG Risk Assessment eLearning Course, please visit: https://www.moodysanalytics.com/elearning-courses/esg-risk-assessment-fundamentals/

Source: Press Release